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It's What We Do

The Trinfinity Group is a professional services training and development company helping our clients meet their organizational goals and achieve breakthrough results with strategic and tailored learning partnerships. We focus on transforming the behaviors of business where the need is greatest or areas where change will have the longest lasting impact. The Trinfinity Group provides scalable support and implementation capabilities to drive bottom line results through improved organizational performance.


Together we create solutions that will work for you. Whether it's designing a series of workshops to help your teams work more productively, engage and communicate more effectively with each other and clients, or execute a longer-term program based on leadership, culture or change - we can help. 

Individual Leader
Developing The Individual

They’re expected to lead a team, balance growing demands, drive consistent results, and—in the midst of all of this—learn to be a leader on the job. Our leadership programs are custom designed to strengthen 10 core natural leadership areas and develop competencies in role effectiveness, communication, and organizational impact.

Leaders are not usually looking to become a mentor or coach, but a true leader is always creating high performance teams and cultivating new leaders. Our leadership programs focus on and develop the 10 core areas creating a coaching leadership style focused on changing behaviors and ultimately changing results. 

The key to a successful organization is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs supported by leadership, strategy and action. A strong culture can bring benefits such as enhanced trust and communication, fewer silos and more-effective decision-making.



Personalization is more than paying lip service to a customer’s preference; rather, it is adding value to a customer’s choice and business. We are a boutique training organization and look to focus outward on your needs not inward on ours. There is no "one size fits all approach" here.


The Trinfinity Group's development and partnership process establishes an on-time and in-scope delivery for the deliverables with a focused, but flexible approach. We don't look to be the training organization for everyone, we want to be the right fit for the right partners.


This is what we love to do and strategic talent development gives organizations the opportunity to attract and retain the most skilled employees available. It creates an employer brand that attracts the best people, builds organizational performance and customer perception. 



For nearly two decades, we trained some of the best and brightest people at all levels within Fortune 50 companies, but often wondered how we could broaden that impact. We decided the best way we could help others was to provide development, communication and leadership tools and skills needed to reach their personal and professional goals.  In 2015, certified and partnered with the John Maxwell Team, we began to offer our unique style, skills and expertise to clients as The Trinfinity Group.


To inspire, empower and transform individuals through the transfer of knowledge and development of skills significantly impacting personal and professional growth enhancing their ability to reach and surpass their own goals and the goals of their organization.


Our promise comes from being committed to the creation of positive change in people, business and the community. The Trinfinity Group provides our clients with an exceptional experience, diversified insight, and a long-term strategic partnership. We are a results-oriented, solutions based firm that handles the challenges of today’s businesses - at every level of their organization.

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