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Student Success Report and 30 Minute Personal Consultation.

NOW ONLY $74.99

The Maxwell DISC Student Success Report

Jump Start Your Child's Future with

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One section is for the child, to help them see what makes them incredible. There is also a section for parents and guardians, with valuable insight into how to build a deeper connection with their child using their child’s own unique communication style. The third section is for sharing with the child’s teacher or tutor, so they have insight into the child’s unique behavior style, strengths, motivation, and more. Combined, these sections provide a tripod of support to unlock the potential found deep inside each precious child.

Take understanding YOUR CHILD’S behavior to a new level and DISCOVER YOUR CHILD’S motivation, fears, dominant personality and learning style through the eyes of a DISC Behavior assessment.

On Sale Now!

Designed for Students Age 10 - 18

Student Success Report and 30 Minute Personal Consultation.

NOW ONLY $74.99

NOTE: You are purchasing a code in order to access the online portal where your student will complete the online assessment. Please allow 24 - 48 hours to receive your code via your PAYPAL email address. This email address will also be used for all communications including the completed assessment and scheduling your free consultation.

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Bryan Hyde


Chris Hendrix


Ken Perry

Bryan, Chris and Ken are all certified trainers and team members of the John Maxwell Leadership Development Team. Their passion is to help others maximize their gifts and leadership potential. Combined they have over 75 years of leadership experience including the roles of pastors, coaches, speakers, and trainers. Let them help you invest in your children's future successes.

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