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Professional growth means just that - growth. True growth is intentional. It is about making good work great and making great work exceptional and transformation.


We help you put the pieces together to transform your people, leadership team and your organization.


We believe that significant, sustainable positive change begins with individual leadership. Our approach introduces, develops and reengages individuals with their purpose, and reconnects them with their talent and natural influence. An organization comprised of engaged, connected and inspired leaders creates an intentional culture and extraordinary results.


In Leaders R Us you look back to leadership skills learned from the toys we played with in our childhood. This class offers insight into simple, yet effective, time proven leadership qualities and abilities we all can learn and easily implement. Our leadership programs focus on and develop the 10 core areas creating a coaching leadership style focused on changing behaviors and ultimately changing results.  Those areas include:

  • Relationships/Connecting

  • Vision/Vision Casting

  • Efficiencies

  • Strategy

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • The Right Message

  • Mentoring

  • Decision Making/Ethics

  • Endurance/Lessons Learned


Who is this class for? Individual contributors ready to go to the next level, newly promoted individual contributors who are now in leadership (management) roles.


Maybe you’re already leading well. We want to help you lead even better. Leaders R Us clears away the clutter often associated with leadership and takes the complexity out of leadership by focusing on the fundamentals.


The tools we provide in this class allow you to make immediate positive change to the leader, their team and organization.

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