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Do your employee own their tools for success?

You may have shown your employees the right tools, talked to them and even allowed them to be seen in action...but do they OWN their own tools for success?

Often as leaders we engage with our employees and allow them to barrow our tools, but when crunch time hits, we ask for those tools back. No, we don't do it out loud, or even consciously, it just happens.

When we provide the knowledge and build skills within our employees and then never allow them to use them, we are taking back those tools. Think of the father who shows his son the drill, how to use it and the impact it can have only to say, ", don't touch this unless I am there and you ask me first".

When engaging with your employees remember, there are times we need to let them fail or "hurt themselves" so they can grown and develop into better employees and leaders. Take the time to teach, train, support and provide wisdom...but in the end, let them go and use it or it will be just a tool gathering dust on a shelf.

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