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Is your culture Just Creating Zombies?

It has been said over and over, "...people don't quit jobs, they quit people". The answer most often lies in managerial relationships. A recent national study by Dale Carnegie Training placed the number of “fully engaged” employees at 29%, and “disengaged” employees at 26% – meaning nearly three-quarters of employees are not fully engaged (aka productive). The number one factor the study cited influencing engagement and disengagement was the “relationship with immediate supervisor.”

While this is no surprise to those in the management business (and we all intuitively know that our attitude toward our boss has a major impact on our feelings about work), and employees don't automatically perform at higher levels if wages are higher because commitment, dedication, and motivation are not based on pay.

No matter how high the salary, if you treat employees poorly they won't care -- about their jobs or your business. To truly change, it takes effort, a real look at what is happening and often times more than not, an outside perspective. We put on blinders and we need to often have those removed.

So look at these 8 items and do a quick gut check on your most valuable assets... your employees. Do they have:

  • Freedom

  • Targets (and do they understand them and how to get there)

  • No sense of company mission

  • Any input or are they only allowed to listen

  • Consistency

  • A feeling of a future

  • A connection

  • If you can't be honest about these things, how can you expect them to.

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